The Graphic Truth

The Graphic Truth is where the CollegeHumor staff attempt to explain the world around them with images. Why images? Because words are tedious and boring and much less colorful. And we like colors.

The More Finals You Have
The Less Money You Have in Your Bank Account
The More Epic Your 420
The Longer You Procrastinate
The Longer You Live with Your Best Friend
The Hotter Your RA
The Better Your School's Basketball Team
The More You Check Your E-mail
The Farther You Travel for Spring Break
The Farther Your Class Is From Your Dorm
How Badly You Screwed Up Valentine's Day
The More Rush Events You've Gone To
The More Money You Lost Betting on the Superbowl
The Drunker You Are In Class
The More Bullsh*t This Class is
The Closer It Gets to Obama's First Day

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