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No Offense, But...
Twidiots: Happy Presidents Day to All EXCEPT Barack Obama
Learn 2 Speak English lol
#NowThatcherIsDead or #NowThatCHERisDead?
What Animal Does Ham Come From?
Your Stupid, Your Wrong, and Your an Idiot
Twidiots: Justin Timberlake Fans Are Nutso
Twidiots: #ThingsIDon'tUnderstand
Miley Cyrus' New Video Made These People Sob
Twidiots: Obama Hates Football
"Pubic" and "Public" Are Very Different Things
Twidiots: Royal Baby Mania
Twidiots: Beyonce the Treasonous Traitor
Twidiots: People Somehow Still Like Chris Brown
KAYNE West Is an Idiot
Saying Sweet Things Are "Sweat" Makes Them Gross

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