In "Twidiots", we collect the choicest thoughts on a particular topic from Twitter's millions of users.

These People Don't Know What Hitler's Last Name Was
These People Think Miley Cyrus is Better than the Beatles (and Everyone Else)
These People Think the Government Shutdown Means Weed Is Legal Now
These People Don't Know What is an Island and What Isn't
These People Are Pissed at Their Cleaning Ladies
Miley Cyrus' New Video Made These People Sob
These People Think Ariel Castro Was Fidel Castro
Wait, New Mexico Is a State?!
Saying Sweet Things Are "Sweat" Makes Them Gross
"Pubic" and "Public" Are Very Different Things
What Animal Does Ham Come From?
Tell Me More About This Language You Call "Mexican"
Yo, Twitter, Should I See a Doctor? #CarrotPoo
Um... Since When Is Egypt in Africa?
I Haven't Read a Book Since...

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