In "Twidiots", we collect the choicest thoughts on a particular topic from Twitter's millions of users.

Oh, So White People Can't Say the N Word Now?!
KAYNE West Is an Idiot
Wait, NASA Is Tapping My Phone?!
You Suck Because I Have More Followers Than You
I Look JUST Like A Celebrity, Right?!
Your Stupid, Your Wrong, and Your an Idiot
"Is It Just Me or Do I Look Asian?" No, You Do Not.
The Great Gatsby Sucked But the Movie Looks Dope
No Offense, But...
The Boston Bombers Were from Where?!
Beliebers Haven't Heard of Anne Frank
#NowThatcherIsDead or #NowThatCHERisDead?
Tactless Morons Still Criticizing Ebert's Video Game Comments
Twidiots: April Fools', You Fools
I'm Not Homophobic, But...
Twidiots: Justin Timberlake Fans Are Nutso

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