This is like using a barrel as a pint glass.
If you can swim there, I say do it.
I wish I was a tiny gnome so I could ski down it.
Now, to sing the national anthem, Barbra Streisand.
He's not overcompensating, he's just insane.
"Some guy robbed the liquor store in second level of the strip mall.  A police standoff followed, then he locked himself in and set it on fire (he showed those cops).  The store burned down but the sign survived." Mmmmm... toasty!
Shoot through your own base!
NCAA Division I Women's Lip Wrestling champions.
I wasn't asleep, I was only resting my eyes!
"I was at a wet t-shirt competition and a guy in the crowd slapped this chick on the belly.  My camera just happened to catch the fat ripple effect.  The photo is real and not been photo-shopped except to hide the girls face."
Shhh.. I can hear him clawing.

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