Antiquing is coming back in '07.
"my girlfreind broke 2 hitter pieces and after scraping them for res i still had them so made them into a hookah and the hose is the extra from when i had to sneak piss into my parole officer." Does your girlfriend know you pee'd in her hookah?
Found him!
It's a bro! It's a shirtless dude! No it's...
You have to be a putz to shop at...
Hey! They stole the name of my underground punk band!
For those who were wondering - "There is no fuckin ping-pong balls in BeerBattleship! You play exactly like Battleship except instead of putting a small red marker in a little plastic ship you drink a fuckin beer! I dont know how people are miss interpret
Girls making out is the new black.
0 for 2.
And some people question keg stands!
"We are no longer allowed back at the Mariott hotel."

Nothing found...

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