"On Spring Break, it was my task to eat a pound of peeps.  I made it through a little over 2/3 of the batch before I cried uncle.  My friends wouldn't have any of it and forced me to eat 4 more peeps at once.  I got bite halfway down, then it came back up
The key ingredient? Pieces from a broken lamp.
Snow chicks with snow dicks.
Uh oh, my watch is caught.
Most pirates carved the word "ARRR!" into their forehead.
"My niece trying to hit the ball. I saw it heading to her face, and could have tried to help, but thought it'd be funnier to take a picture. She cried, I laughed... being an uncle is awesome."
The ole' free haircut trick.
Don't worry, Stephanie Tanner did the same thing once.
"He stayed like that for 3 hours."
Not a rule, just a fact.
A Kip spotting in Prague.

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