I can't hit it, the water's frozen solid.
In Indonesia, the government destroyed 51,000 bottles of alcoholic drinks for Ramadan. Ramadan is an Islamic holiday that, I guess, is like the opposite of Superbowl Sunday for Indonesia.
Oldest story in the book.
Oh, there goes gravity.
Irish mist bong
Washing instructions on a wife beater.
Dwyer, take a chill pill. Relax man, it's college!
Aren't they all?
It got weird after L.L. Bean showed up.
Shhhh... I'm naked under there.
"The armor comes in 8 separate pieces; shin guards, girdle, metal sword, chest plates, wrist guards, cape, shoulders pads, and helmet. 63 cans total, 2 in shin guards, 22 in the legs, 30 in the chest, and 9 in the helmet, and about 15-20 Keystone boxes. T

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