Wouldn't be as funny without that illustration.
Real shamers would have gone with used toilet paper.
"We start by taping the kid until he couldn't move (it took about four rolls). Then, we put him in the elevator where someone was waiting for him on the first floor. He was moved to the girl's dorm and left in their elevator with a "NO FAT CHICKS" sign ta
Vomit on laptop
A simple, yet disgusting, shaming.
I think I got it - it's a sailboat, right?
Up-up-down-down-left-right... you know the rest.
Holy clever idea Batman!
"When Cameron was in Egypt's land...'let my Cameron go!'"
"Try dressing up as a giant gate pass and then storming the main entrance of a billion dollar financial company.  My buddy did and got tackled by a guard.  He's a celebrity at the company now."

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