Conan O'Lantern.
At least you don't have to make eye contact.
This is the DJ that invented record scratching.
Is there a printer that prints pumpkins or something?
That's right, I'm full of myself and a shop lifter.
"My roommate and I were at a party and all these frat-tastic fucks were playing beer pong. Annoyed by polo shirts and popped collars, my roommate grabbed a cup. After pissing into the cup outside, he switched the water/rinse cup with the pee cup. Here is
You know it's hard, because you can see the ripples.
Is this yonic or phallic? I can't decide.
That's Scottie Pippin underneath that mess.
Read the star like it's a letter.
I love lamp.
How can something so disgusting also be so beautiful?
The world's cheapest and most dangerous ball pit.

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