"Talk about preaching to the choir."
His wife and kids just melted, plus he lost his hat.
Hunka hunka frozen love.
Suggestion for future 13 foot snow penis submissions - put someone next to it so we can get a sense of scale. Preferably a naked girl who doesn't mind getting sick.
"When two feet of snow fell in Boulder and my exams were cancelled, the three of us decided to build a five person igloo and smoke all day in it. The towels are too keep all the smoke in."
I dunno man, all I see is a jazz saxophonist.
Just packed with fudge.
Oh nevermind, she got a car seat. That's safe.
"A friend of ours got really, really, drunk at our house so we told him he needed to go home. We offered to drive him but said he'd walk home by himself. Bad choice."
Dude I'm so drunk, where's mommy?
A hot girl that can make a sports pun? Marry me.
Black Eyed Wii's
Rub-a-dub-dub six dudes in a tub.

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