"Two friends and I were driving from Omaha to Kansas City and we were playing the game to see how long we could go without stopping for gas until we had to and pulled off at the first exit we could find.  It was a little hick town and we had to drve five
Get out of the way, I need my fries!
They're just missing the "elery" - or are they?
God damn it, I need to catch the local.
Goochy goochy goo.
To be continued...
"i walked into a mcdonalds washroom and there was an old man sitting on the urinal taking a dump, so i hid in the stall and took a picture with my camera phone..."
Redundant - he already had a DMB sticker.
An ineffective chicken mask.
With cream in a colon, you can have colons any time!
Studying for my architecture final.
Spank me with a shovel! Harder!

Nothing found...

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