"So we went to our local taco shop.  My friend, who is blackout drunk, decides to get naked and run around. He passed out on the hood just as we got our food. There were about 3 cars behind us, and the lady working the drive thru was laughing her ass off.
If this is Rocky III, where's Thunder Lips?
Mmmm... who wants pumpkin pie?
Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Saved By The Bell group costumes are notoriously difficult to pull off. Great job here, but minus points for not knowing a black female who could step up and play Lisa.
"Can I borrow a cup of sugar?
Much better than your friend the beer knight.
What are the odds two students - one at Lawrence Technological University and the other at the University of Minnesota - have the exact same idea about the exact same beer at the exact same time?

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