I poop toast.
This is why you should always keep guns around while drinking. (update: Blue wrote in to let us know "the ferret is still alive and well. If it was not, I would have been shot by at least one of those guns.")
An apple bong a day keeps the boredom anyway.
Is that two unrelated That Guys in one group photo?
Patiently waiting in line as if he's next...
I'll just let the submitter explain this one - "This guy buys food from the drive through at Wendy's, then sits outside of Wendy's by his car (which is up on hydraulics) and eats by himself. Also, it's not clear in the picture, but his hair is all pulled
Edgerrin's teeth is where the gold at.
My mother was a saint!
Student newspaper, you're the greatest.
I guess this missing arm can wait until Monday.
We told you it was too shallow to dive in.

Nothing found...

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