Finally, they have rice in Japan.
Someone missed the memo.
"My buddy Charlie decided to invite some fat girls back to our hotel room. As soon as they showed up one passed out on the floor between the wall and the bed and the other on the bed face down, ass in the air. They wouldn't wake up so we took one's dignit
Doug for Halloween
How they make pumpkin flavored beer.
2,700 + bottle caps, but it's mostly made of memories.
OSU and solo cups have the same colors - coincidence?
Why isn't that cat wearing a life jacket!?
And you thought your parents embarrassed you...
Gas, food, and bong hits.
"The message on the bottom was on the screen the entire show, and the guy was swearing like crazy. He kept mentioning people he wanted to kill, and after he said the name he would scream, 'DIE! DIE! DIE!"

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