Almost worth the wasted beer. Almost.
I'm sorry, the princess is in another castle.
How to know you've done the shocker wrong.
Unfortunate timing.
You thought your family was embarrassing?
They might as well be offering a PS4, or a hoverboard.
75 cents worth of Ramen later...
We prefer to be called Hooded Americans.
That's how it starts.
Good news dad, I got into Bentley College!
It's not often we toss around the word hero, but whoever went around the library at the University of Waterloo and closed the window shades to spell out FUCK, well...
Barry Bonds' rookie card.
Pamela Rodgers, the teacher who stands accused of having sex with one of her students. They probably can't release the name of the student because he's a minor, but whoever you are you are the man.
Forty hands is for nerds. Beer wings is where it's at.

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