This tattoo of a monkey having sex with a football raises many questions. Did the monkey learn to operate a drill to make the hole? Or did he just tear it apart with bare hands? And what the hell is this guy thinking?
Oh, I think we'll be fine.
0-0 again, maybe we should find a new field.
How lewd!
It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.
Two in the pumpkin, one in the rumpkin.
"This table consists of 2240 beer caps and 156 beer bottles. We figured it out that with all the supplies including beer, the total amount of money put into this table is around $3400.  It took about 3 months to finally have everything glued and the plexi
She won't let me, that's why I'm buying the liquor.
I'm looking for a 2-bedroom house in a neighborhood with a good school, and also I noticed there's no more 40-Year-Old Virgins on the rack. Are there any behind the counter you guys haven't had a chance to put up yet?

Nothing found...

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