It's like in Back to the Future, but with the Beatles!
Doesn't sound like much of a party to me...
"Saw this in a store in St. Maarten."
"Me and my best friend pudding wrestling." Fair enough.
"My roommate and I have an ongoing war with the boys who have the window across from ours. We play jokes on one another constantly. We were short on ideas so we cut up ten million little pieces of paper and while they were out made it "snow" in their room
Is that like the Hershey Highway?
What an odd looking statue...
"Hurricane + Stuck inside = Dorm Jousting"
So that's why priests are celibate...
Anyone bring some sea sickness pills?
"Here is a picture of a bong my two friends made out of a street cone.  It's named "King Bong".  You can fit a case into it but the most that was ever bonged out of it was 2 liters."

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