Hammer and Screwdriver for women. Take THAT females!
Eh, what's on the menu again?
This guys not going anywhere when he wakes up.
We get a lot of pictures of people's friends making out, especially when they're both female. But Robbie, you've submitted the most drunken, sloppiest one I've ever seen.
Can you imagine if you were having a casual conversation with you Aunt and she just randomly got this out of her purse and started applying it as you continued talking?
When you don't want anybody to miss your point...
How do you like your pony cooked?
Yeah, but where's the dip?
i work at a large video chain and came upon this in the daily notebook, where managers write about what's going on in the store. in case you can't read it, it says "Bern was real nice to a homeless. Let him use the bathroom and gave him pizza. to show his
This kid is just asking for it.
I think we all do.
"My friends and I live in a relatively small town, so when we're not at college we have to improvize.... so we made a beerpong table out of sticks in the woods."

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