"2004 Shocker World Tour hits Kirkuk Iraq."
"... then we turned to a different channel."
Shouldn't there be a grandma strapped to the roof?
"High Tech Security Systems in Scotland"
A tribute to 50 Cent in the District.
Cheer up, you computer science majors.
"Me and my buddies playing high roller SORRY!"
Bad days for NCAA Football...
Guess who is winning...
"Longest Surviving Headless Chicken. On September 10, 1945, a Wyandotte chicken belonging to Lloyd Olsen of Fruita, Colorado, USA, had its head chopped off, but went on to survive for 18 months. Mike's owner, Lloyd Olsen of Fruita, Colorada, USA, fed and
"Disgruntled Old Man in Taurus - 1, Subway - 0"
Interesting what happens with the police...

Nothing found...

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