You see the scariest shit when you're deep see fishing.
"I'm sure they feel appriciated."
"It's what the sign is pointing to, it must be the place."
Definitly one of the more interesting signs I've seen...
He didn't have a six pack, he had an entire...
"This is the kid's meal bag at Whataburger.  Can YOU spot which burger is different from the rest?  The answer is no, you cannot.  Because they're all the same.  This is the sort of thing that puts kids in therapy."
917 cans for beeramid plus 7 extra cases for stools = 1085 "eggs" for the annual Natty Boh hunt.  We did our best to drink as many as possible while painting, but that's still gotta be over a thousand beers we hid all over campus for the freshmen to find
"Oh, how I love Physics Textbook diagrams."

Nothing found...

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