Anyone bring some sea sickness pills?
"Here is a picture of a bong my two friends made out of a street cone.  It's named "King Bong".  You can fit a case into it but the most that was ever bonged out of it was 2 liters."
"Went to lunch in a cafe at my college, noticed the girl in the corner had toilet paper sticking out of her pants, clicked off a pic before I burst out laughing."
"Lava crust warning sign at Yellowstone National Park.  You can fall through and get badly burned if you are dumb enough to go out on it.  I love how the mom is like "Oh no!" and the dad is just sort of nonchalantly walking away."
Is frusteration even a word? I guess so.
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Yeah, right here. Mmmm.
"Friends can be assholes." (gross)
Oh urban legends, how we love ye...
"I found this statue at a store in Honolulu, HI. I think the best part is that I just took the picture, not paying attention to the statue behind it.... not noticing it until I got home and enlarged the pic."

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