Not sure what's going on here but it looks scary AND fun
"No shit?"
Girls really wouldn't pay attention to him otherwise...
"In australia, where I live, kangaroos can grow upto 2 metres tall, and they do a fuck load of damage to cars, so would prolly be a smart idea to change the caption so that dumbfucks from other countrys dont read that and come over here thinking they can
Talk about a Christmas gift...
A bad hair LIFE.
"Served to me at Santa Monica Pier"
Who the f would inhale a smoke bomb to get high?
Easy! I'm not a wide receiver!
Peedeck must be on the other side.
"Just don't land on the shot glass filled with ketchup."
Is getting beat up by a girl lame if it's in jello?
"Yeah, cuz when I thinkof cockslap, I think of Tony Danza."

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