"Standing at over 6' each and with just under 2,000 beers in total, we felt these were worthy beeramids.  And yes, they are both solid Busch heavy all the way through."
"Make a wish and blow...."
Did the personalized tag cost more than the car?
This looks kinda odd to everyone else, right?
He won a bet and could afford to replace the door...
"Mascot Shocker "
"You just won the trophy for earliest passer-outter."
"My friend went out of town for a week and said i can do anything to his car while he was gone as long as it would still run. So we beat it with bats and took off the roof. "
"Never do a 100 mile bike ride without suntan lotion"
In rhode island, we start our alcoholism young.
The holy grail of sexual innuendo signs. On further inspection it actually says "Look in a fag" ...and to top it all off it's on the road BIG BEAVER, EXIT 69 in troy, MI.
"Our coach closely resembled the coach on that Seinfeld episode where George Costanza takes erotic pictures of himself. We had the poster, so everyone who came over had to pose. There are over 300 pictures and growing."
"Ladies.... enjoy"

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