The following are questions that make you answer, "I think so."

- Is there a place that is half an hour ahead or behind another place? Like
a half time zone?

- Is steam also just H20?

- Could you create a billion page document on Microsoft Word?

- Is Golf an Olympic sport?

- Is Niagara Falls one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

- Is Hawaii the most southern US State?

- Did Star Wars ever win Best Picture?

- Is fire considered a gas?

- Is Vanilli dead?

- Did leprechauns ever exist?

- Did Kenny Rogers Roasters ever officially go out of business?

- Does anybody still worship Greek Gods?

- Could Batman beat up Superman?

- Is committing suicide illegal?

- Do, Ra, Me, Fa, ___, La, Ti, Do?

- Are you sober enough to drive home?

- Jenny's number is 343-6733, right?

- Was this article funny?