Dear Asian Guy who took the last PC with AutoCAD,

I hate you with an unrivaled passion now. Of all the spaces to “look at your schedule,” you choose the last open computer station with CAD. You see, in 12 hours, I have a little project due worth half of my grade and I kind of need that computer, but no. You just had to login to your e-mail account and start reading the newspaper. That would be fine if the paper wasn’t on NEWSPRINT asshole! You know, the internet, is finally catching up and you can actually read the news, ON THE COMPUTER! Before I forget, please forgive me for asking if you were using the computer or just sitting there, reading the paper, back turned to the double screens, with the screensaver going, ME SO MUHRA-FUCKRING SORREE. Do you understand that!
Seriously dude, there was at least 10 Mac stations open which were perfectly suited for your obviously, desperate needs for a computer yet you take the only computer with the program I need. I know you don’t want to sit with all the English comp majors who are writing their paper on why people like me should be nicer to cock-sucks like yourself, but if you were planning to bury your nose in black and white ink, why would it have mattered? Besides, I fucking hate Macs.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you are officially on my shit list ahead of Nick Saban, Carlos Mencia, and Osama bin Laden. Congrats.

Go Fuck Yourself,

Kevin P.