My prayers were literally answered tonight, as Phil and Chris went home, leaving a Final Four that is 75% black and 75% female. Affirmative Action? Probably. The best Final Four ever? Definitely.

Was it me, or at the beginning of the show tonight, did Paula not talk about Simon's flaccid penis? What the fuck was that about?

So of course I'll miss Phil, our resident vampire/advanced lymphoma patient/bad parent, and Chris, our nasally, ex-boy-band member, inexplicably adorable kid, but the important thing is that Jordin is still in the running for the title she so justly deserves.

So, just so everyone's sure: Chris and Phil went home, finally, and Blake, LaKisha, Melinda, and Jordin make up the Final Four. Which means we only have, like… a month left of this? The show will be in overdrive from now on, so hold on tight as we careen madly toward this season's winner (Jordin. I hope.).