A proud Iroquois warrior sprinting along the lonely plains of North Dakota while morphing into a timber wolf. From a solitary prairie house in the background, an aging, teary-eyed World War II veteran and his 8-year-old grandson salute the Native American.

A loop of barbed wire circling a portrait of Tony Montana from Scarface smoking a cigar. His smoke forms the image of the flag being raised at Iwo Jima.

A sad portrait of Ronald Reagan shedding a single tear. In the reflection of the tear we can see the faces of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Frank Sinatra.

A bald eagle flying over the Rocky Mountains while clutching a tattered American flag in one talon and a rattlesnake in the other. Wrapped in the rattlesnake's tail is an olive branch, and in its mouth is a burning rose whose smoke plumes into the form of John Wayne's face.

Jesus on the crucifix. A rosebush grows at his feet. From its buds bloom the faces of the cast of Friends. Beneath it is written the epigraph "1994-2004: Rest Well Thy Gentle Ones."