: Kelli Rush

School: Western Kentucky University

Mascot: Big Red Hilltopper

Describe your ideal…

Pizza: You can never go wrong with the classic cheese pizza from Pizza

Guy: I love a guy you is an absolute gentleman and still is a blast to
hang out with. He knows how to always have a great time and he makes
me laugh. He is focused and knows what he wants out of life and is
very dedicated to his goals.

Describe your worst…

Date: The worst date I could possibly have is if I am completely
bored. Any guy that wants to take me out on a date needs to be
creative and spontaneous. Mix things up a little bit and do something
different. Also, if the guy didn't treat me like a lady(opening
doors, paying for the meal, etc.) I would be a little disappointed.
Its not until later in the relationship that a guy can slack off.

Pizza: My worst pizza would probably be one with mushrooms or anything
gross like that. I don't understand how people can eat fungus!

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
That we would pick up after ourselves. Littering is so bad and rude.

BBQ Sauce or Ketchup? Definitely Ketchup! I can eat Ketchup with anything and everything!

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