Hey CollegeHumor fans! Unfortunately our good friend Jake is no longer with us. No, he's not dead, he just got a promotion, which means a bigger desk and the company car (‘94 Jetta, baby!).

Anyway, CollegeHumor is bringing in a whole new shipment of slave interns to chain to desks and abuse, of which I'm the first. The perks are endless. You know that red "Staff" by peoples' names in the comments field? Got that like 20 minutes ago! Plus free water whenever we want!

Best of all, between ritualistic beatings they allowed me time to answer your questions about, well, anything. If you've ever wondered what Amir eats for lunch (tuna sandwich), where Streeter lives (142 E72 Street), what's Jeff's MySpace name (GeoffRoooobin) or how many times Dan went to the bathroom today (12) feel free to ask. General questions are okay too, like what does Sarah Schneider do in her free time, or describe the way she smiles, the way she walks, NO, the way she gracefully glides through the office, or how on some days, how she just comes into work wearing a comfortable broken-in hoodie and can still be the most beautiful, intelligent and caring girl in the world.

So any questions or comments you have about the guys or what goes on here send to AskanIntern @ Gmail.com!