So you have decided to take one for the team tonight. You are the DD. While most look at you,the designated driver, as one who is just there to supervise and make sure the guy in the corner puking is still breathing, you need totake a moment and enjoy it. Just this past weekendI had the joy of being the DD, and while at a festive event, I took a moment for myself. The things I discovered made me realize what being drunk is all about, and the things we don't even realize…

1. The fat kid jamming by himself and leaning up against the pole, doesn't know anyone at the party, however he feels if he keeps noding his head and leaning against that pole,which is about to fall over, thathe will continue to blend in.

2. The kid standing next to beer pong table feels he is apart of the game because everytime the ball rolls to the center of the table, he gets to retrieve that special white ball. Little does he know, no one playing knows his name nor cares that he is around. However he continues to ask, "Whose got next game?" even though he's asked 14 times in the last 4 minutes.

3. The three girls standing against the wall whispering, laughing, and taking pictures of eachother together don't like alcohol. They want to fit in, so they laugh and have a cup in there hand, however they never take a drink. These girls feel just as much of a part of this party as anyone because they will have facebook pictures to put up the next morning. Most likely the album name will be, "A CARAAZZYY NIGHT" or "WASTTTEDD WITH MY GIRLIES" or something of that sort, however there was no wastedness or craziness for them that night.

4. The kid thats in the kitchen making out with the girl he met 27 minutes ago is going to wake up in the morning and ask himself why he decided it would be a good idea to sleep with a girl that should be playing offensive tackle for the Chicago Bears. Beer goggles are one thing, but your going to need a helmet son.

5. The guy doing the keg stand, while being cheered on by our fellow scholars, will smile and laugh for a few seconds after his triumphantkeg stand, but quickly darts out the backdoor when no one is lookingto throw up his accomplishments. We salute you for your efforts.

6. The four potheads that somehow made their way to this party, don't know where they are, but they're gonna keep schmokin.

7. The two very attractive, and most likely very underage girls dancing together in the middle of room, don't want a 315lb sweaty dude trying to grind on them, so please, back away and just enjoy the view like the rest of us.

8. Lastly, and most importantly, the 3 tough guys that are trying to pick a fight aren't as badass as they may feel. While most are enjoying a night of festivities and beverages, youthree feel its necessary to show that your a badass and can fight. While these fights never get off the ground because they are usually over someone bumping into another by the keg, or"accidently" grabbinga girls ass… regaurdlessback off and enjoy the beer, you are no Ali.

..So next time you are the DD, take a few minutes to look at the scenery. You will most likely see a few of these taking place, and just laugh because you have been there to. I salute you Mr. DD,not walking never felt so good.