So that's it, huh? Amanda is gone? Look I saw it coming just like anyone else who's eyes hadn't fallen out of their head, but somehow I expected something a little bigger for her send off. (Don't worry, people whose eyes have fallen out won't be reading this.) I thought we'd see her and Ari go toe to toe at some big public event or that Vince would catch her railing Owen Wilson and Antonio Banderas in a hot tub. But no, instead the writers decided to wrap up an entire four episode story arch in one quiet conversation with her and Vince. And I know When Vince asked, "what do we do now?" he was hoping for "makeup sex" as the answer not the dramatic "we say goodbye" crap that she says as she walks out of the show forever. Look, no breakup is ever that short and simple, and never do people say poetic eloquent lines as they walk away. That's the kind of line you wished you had said later but could never think of at the time.

So where does that leave us Entourage fans?It leaves us with one less pretty face to look at, but with Ari and the crew reunited. And all in all, I'm just fine with that.Because much as in life, women are like buses, if one leaves, there's another one coming in twenty minutes. And with the casting folks at Entourage, somehow, I'm not too worried.

A few other questions to ponder from this episode… Could they have thought of a dumber b storyline then Drama buying a racehorse? Look, I understand loyalty, but somehow I don't think you have to be loyal to a 3rd generation

race horse who's grandfather won you money. My friend Gleib once wanted to buy a turtle at some asian flea market we ended up at while we were stoned, and even in that state we had the good sense to talk him out of it. Where did he

think he was going to keep the horse, in his room? Did he not notice the stable and ginormous piles of hay everywhere? Drama may be an idiot, but where were his friends on that one?

And since when is Ari or his wife so religious that he can't make a phone call on Yom Kippor? And why would anyone in the industry give a sun down deadline on a day where no one can do business until sundown? That sounds like a plan! It'll be too simple if we just mandate that complex contracts be signed within twelve hours, lets add extra difficulty by coordinating with Yom Kippor. And somehow with all of that nonsense, E and Vince decide that this whole thing is Amanda's fault. I think E was ready to blame her just because he was starting to feel like a third wheel, but Vince should have seen this a little more clearly.

Some Random Thoughts…

- We need an episode with just the boys chasing tail and getting into trouble soon.

- Only cuz I'm Jewish can I say this, but what a quandry for a Jew! Respect the high holiday or lots of money. Respect the high holiday… lots of money. Hmmm…

- I can think of about 6 dozen animals I'd buy before I'd get a horse. Hell, if I was making an arc, and I didn't have room, no horses. Just polar bears and monkeys.We'll race the polar bears if we get bored.

- Over/under on episodes of Drama's "5 cities" is set at 3. I'm taking all bets.

- Watch Episode 3 of my animated show "The Melvin Bros" on!!