So you've either seen them on this site, their site, or on their show on Fuse TV. Here's my exclusive, tell all interview with Zach Cregger of The Whitest Kids You Know.

What is your writing process like? Generally we’ll all sit in a room and everyone will toss out ideas. When one sticks we’ll sit around a computer and as one person types everyone else will throw lines out. We tend to write a script and then stick to it pretty strictly on stage.

Nice, so there isn't a whole lot of improv? Our videos have very little improv if any. We really run the hell out of our scripts before shooting so hopefully it looks natural while still hitting all the beats and points.

When you guys started WKUK, what kind of expectation did you have for the group? Honestly I think from the beginning we all had the intention of doing great things with this group. We had our eye on getting a television show for the past 5 years. The next step is getting some movies out there. We’d like to follow the business model that Monty Python set up.

Things that were funny to you in college may not appeal to the new college audience, how do you keep a sense for what's still funny and relevant to 18 year olds? We’re all compulsive internet junkies. We’re online goofing around for hours every day, and I think that helps to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new. Also we are all really immature so the odds are that we find the same things funny as 18 year olds, or 12 year olds too for that matter.

What was the worst thing to ever go wrong on a shoot? There was one time we had to pour syrup all over our bodies while wearing clothes. I hadn’t brought a change of clothes and kind of pussed out at the last minute cause I didn’t want to be ridiculously sticky for the rest of the day. Sam and Trevor had already completely covered themselves and were absolutely livid with me for not wanting to bail. In the end I bit the bullet and poured some on myself but not nearly as much as them. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but it was a really tense 5 minutes. We rarely, rarely fight when shooting and that was as bad as it’s got.

What's your favorite website other than your own? I’m a Maddox fan even though he doesn’t post much anymore. I also love It’s awesome.

Biggest inspiration? Obviously Monty Python is a big deal to us all. Personally my biggest comedy influence has been Bill Waterson. Calvin and Hobbes was the first thing I latched onto as a kid and thought “This is so funny. This is my kind of humour!” I like the way anything can happen because it’s exploring a childs mind. I think we as a troupe try to keep that little kid sensibility that that strip used so well.

What's better, TV or the Internet? Hard to say. I spend more time on the internet than watching TV but I don’t know if that means it’s better.

What's one online video that you wish you wrote? I love the grape fall lady. That rules. The bear falling out of the tree onto the trampoline is pretty rad.

Remember that Super Bowl add with the slap in the face being the new high five? How good was that? OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO FUCKING HYSTERICAL!!!

Honestly though, what do you think happened there? Holy God. I don’t know man. I think there was some foul play going on. Let’s leave it at that.

If people like your group, what are some other comedy groups they should check out? I dig Slow Children at Play. They’re from Boston I think. Cracked Out, Kurt and Kristen….ah, what else? Some friends of ours just got a show on Adult Swim that’s coming out later this year. It’s called “Fat Guy Stuck in Internet” They’re really funny so that should be good.

Where can we see more WKUK? Tuesday nights on Fuse. Our website at has some videos that aren’t on the show and we have an album out on whatarerecords that I think isn’t to shabby. You can get it at or the i-tunes store.

Thanks Zach!

Check out all of the WKUK videos on our site here.