Rules of Drinking Before an 8:30:

1. Never forget a fellow 8:30er, try to wake them regardless of condition or roommates.

2. Do not draw attention to your 8:30 until another attempts to complain about their later class, friends my try to stop you. Real friends will join you.

3. Drink, a drunken 8:30 is better than a hung-over 8:30

4. Avoid stairs (this goes for anytime you may be drinking, I personally know this very well)

5. Preset alarm in cell phone, who knows where you are going to pass out and/or how.

6. Bring contact case with solution in it, if you don't make it back to your room you still want to be able to see in the morning

7. Go out, you stay up later if you stay in, that’s a rough go in the morning

8. Drink early, sooner you drink yourself to sleep the sooner you wake up

9. Do not attend any open bar event. If it is available you will drink it.

10. No fat chicks.

11. Always plan on a back up excuse. If it is a class you have to attend e-mail the professor the night before saying how you are not feeling well but you are going to try your best to make it in the morning.

12. Liquor is always a bad choice.

13. Pong is not out of the question, if you’re good.

14. You are obligated to go out and be irresponsible as a college student, enjoy your life while you can. Jobs are as not as forgiving when you drink the night before.