In the particularly awkward phase of making conversation with a girl, it is easy to repulse them with conversation that simply does not appeal to the mass of female society.Best bet is to just let them do the talking.Allow them vent about how annoying their roommate is or some other nonsense.If you must go intellectual, odds are, “The Great Gatsby,” or “Catcher In The Rye” has had some kind of impact on their life and they’d be happy to gush over them.Here are several things however that will not impress.

- Etymology of words-

Our language is a living thing, the end result of thousands of years of development.Why if you tried to speak English, with Middle English speakers of the 16 century they would be totally unintelligible!Language is a reflection of our history, our ancestors, and everything around it.Why did you know that the word dog didn’t exist until just a few hundred years ago?English speakers only had the word hound!Derived from the German word hund.Dog is a completely random word likely brought into existence by some regional slang and popularized by some prolifically writing monk or abbot.Interesting as all this is no girl worth talking to could possibly care less.

- The Numerous Nationalities Of People You’ve Defeated At Chess-

Although chess may be one of the less common games to play with an international online community in our day and age, this should apply to any online gaming entertainment.Occasionally, foreign countries may pop into a conversation such as where your subject has studied abroad.DO NOT boast that you just defeated someone at chess who was in a few hours ago, as great as that is, it is totally counterproductive in this circumstance.Delve more into the nightlife or something like that.

- Tropical Fish-

Should you be entering a party and encounter a fish tank, marvel at the beauty of the fish and move on.Do not mention that as a child you kept ten tanks at once and successfully bred numerous tropical fish and crossbred several species of cichlids.Cool though it may be in some circles, to girls you seem like the weird guy from Silence Of The Lambs who breeds butterflies or something and will have the complete opposite effect of what you intended.

- Star Wars-

On occasion Star Wars will pop up in casual conversation amongst average people.However if you have read Expanded Universe Star Wars books and are thoroughly familiar with basically anything regarding to Star Wars among people not thoroughly familiar with Star Wars, your knowledge will degrade into a sideshow act and people will assume you waited outside for a few days to see Attack of the Clones or something.

- Knowledge Of History-

Again, even if you love history, avoid this topic at all costs while talking to a girl.Even if you meet a girl who is a History major do not talk about history.It is a phony major anyhow and the symptom of a confused mind; so why talk about something that is so dry and boring with such a girl.If she was actually totally into history she wouldn’t be going out anyways.

- Fights You’ve Recently Witnessed-

Sometimes you feel like it is good to talk about the outrageous and the unusual to catch a girl’s attention, like a billboard that challenges your very notions of Sports Drinks to get you to purchase their product.Maybe a story about how you found $20, or ran into someone you hadn’t seen since you were like 5 years old!Never ever tell a girl you barely know the account of a fight you just witnessed.It’s likely to upset them and put them ill at ease.For the most part, drunken brawling and fighting is strictly a masculine profession, you wouldn’t want to hear about strictly feminine professions of how this girl saw an amazing sale, or was watching “When Harry Met Sally” for the hundredth time.