Ugg it's Tuesday.Friday seems like a sad cruel joke that you will never hear the punch line to.Whatever will you do?Work?No, not on my watch people.It's very rare that you find the exact reason God put you on this earth at the young of age of 24, but I have.I am here to help the 9-5'er take a little time for themselves and ignore their work for a bit.If I can just give you five minutes a week of ridiculous humor or semi interesting entertainment then I will have done my job.If I ever get an audience greater than 23 people, I will put a serious dent in the productivity of the workforce in …and I am quite alright with that.Office's across will fear me, Insurance companies, sales departments, loan offices, data entry specialists, will literally tremble with fear upon hearing my name.I alone will cost CEO's millions of dollars and waste the equivalent of an eighteen year olds life THIS YEAR ALONE.Thanks for the internet Al Gore.

So what does any of this have to do with Dolphin Rape?Everything.Bricks Explode has taken it up a notch.First we gave you blogs, pointless admittedly sometimes crappy blogs.Then we took it up a notch and gave you Podcasts, pointless admittedly sometimes crappy Podcasts.But now, it is with great pleasure that I present to you, the first in hopefully a long line of Bricks Explode Video Productions…Dolphin Rape.

Dolphin Rape is a public service announcement detailing the hidden dangers that are found deep within the world’s most dangerous animal…The Dolphin.We hope you love this video as much as we loved making it.If this video results in just one person not being violently raped by a Dolphin then it will be all worth it

Ladies and Gentlemen please enjoy the world premier of Dolphin Rape.It is my guess that we this “comedic” short will do better than Spiderman 3.If you like it please comment below and/or pass it on to a friend.If you pass it along to…

0-5 People you will receive a Dolphin Rape shirt

6-10 People you will receive a free lunch with Director Mark Loucks

11-15 People you will receive a dinner with the "star" of Dolphin Rape Josh Sorokach

16-20 People you will receive a dead dolphin autographed by Josh and Mark

Hopefully we will fix our Youtube problem and make our cinematic masterpiece available to all youtubers.If we can't please look for our 2nd short "comedic" video entitled… Youtube Rape.Here are a few reviews from actual fans…

"This was the best invention in the history of the universe…that's including oxygen and the George Foreman Grill"

- Stephen Hawking

"Josh stop telling people your last name you are embarrassing the family"

- My mom

Your welcome .Once again, enjoy Dolphin Rape.

Josh and Mark