If you have a beer pong table, an ice luge, and 10 or more shot glasses in your dorm room, then not only do you drink alcohol on a regular basis, but you want everyone else to know that you LOVE alcohol. You liketo think of your room as an epicenter of on campus drinking related fun even though deep down you know that off campus parties are way cooler than anything you could throw in you tiny dom room while trying to keep the noise level low enough that the RA doesn't give you touble. You probably wea a Corona hat eveywhere and try to wok that storyabot whenyou played Edward 40 Hands twice in one night into every conversation.

If you have a Cold War Kids poster, the 10th anniversary Clerks DVD, and a copy of the barely known about underground campus newspaper in your dorm room, then you not only fancy yourself to be an independent thinker, you also want everyone to talk about how indie you are. When you hear a song by Fergie, you can't simply say that you don't like that style of music. Instead you need to go into a 20 minute tirade about how she is destroying the music industry and then list some of the most obscure bands you know and claim that they are true artists. You probably use the words "mainsteam," "capitalistic," and "conformist" on a daily basis.

If you have a bong, a Rastafarian hat, and a Bob Marley's Greatest Hits CD in your dorm room, then you ae not only painfully white, you want everyone to know what a huge stoner you are. You do smoke marijuana at least once a day, but usually only when your roommate or someone else is going to be around to confirm to others later that you are "always blazed." You probably don't have any real friends.

4. If you have 3 or more Under Armour shirts, a "Pain is weakness leaving the body" poster, and your own set of dumbells in a clearly visible area in your dorm room, you are not only a weight lifting enthusiast, but you also want eveyone to know exactly how much you can bench. Going to the campus fitness center every day isn't enough for you. You need to constantly remind everyone how manly you are at all times by quoting sports statistics and talking about how hot you think different girls are. You are probably a closet homosexual.