Condom is one of the methods of birth control. It prevents from pregnancy as well as protects both partners from sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. It is very essential to know the proper use of condom e.g., right way to put it on, use during intercourse and the correct way to put the condom off. Below are the important steps that will help you to put the condom on correctly.

      • Always use a new condom for every sexual act.
      • Condoms come in small plastic packaging. Take out the condom from its packaging so as it do not get damaged. To avoid any damage to the condom do not use scissors or your teeth. Always open the sachet gently in good light otherwise it will wash off all your purpose.
      • When the penis gets proper erection, put the condom over the head of the penis.
      • Rolled up ring and nipple must be facing outside.
      • Leave more than 1 inch of the space at the tip for ejaculated fluid.
      • Press the condom tip gently towards the base of the penis to remove any air bubble.
      • Now carefully unroll the ring of the condom down the shaft of the penis. Be sure nipple of the condom is positioned. It is the space where semen will go.
      • In case you are not able to unroll the condom, it means you have placed the condom in opposite way. It is strongly recommended that you replace it with a new one. It might have got some bodily fluid along with spermatozoa.
      • Do not put the condom in a hurry. Take your time so that you can do it correctly.
      • You can practice it by yourself at the time of masturbation. It will help you in putting the condom in a correct way in night. If you do not practice it you may not get so comfort when you actually need to put the condom on.
      • Although condom claims to be lubricated, you can use water-based lubricant say K-Y jelly. It is not advised to use oil-based lubricant as it weakens the latex condom.
      • In normal intercourse condom position of the condom does not change. But when you are going for very forceful fucking, you must be careful about the position of your condom as it may burst, rip or come out. Here it is advised that when you change your position during intercourse, make sure the condom is in position.
      • After ejaculation withdraw immediately. If the penis loses its erection you will not be able to control the things.

    Since condom is a very effective measure to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and reduces the risk of AIDS. We strongly recommend the use of condom while you involve in any type of sex.

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