It's the end of school and your parents want to see how well you did and just want to talk to you because the "miss you." So, here's the typical conversation.



Hey Kevin, Just calling to see how your week went.

It went by alright, just glad school is done.

That’s good, how did finals go?

…So what are you doing for Mothers Day.

Your dad’s taking me out to dinner. How did you do one your finals?

Well, I got something for you in the mail as we speak.

Kevin, your finals, how did they go?

They were alright. I think I did well in ISDS.

What about physics?

What about you shut up about physics mom…

What was that sweetie?

Nothing; Physics was alright, I studied a long time but, I guess I studied the wrong chapter. My professor in physics is an asshole though so who knows. He’s dumb; I didn’t like him at all. He would brag about failing kids.

What do you think you got in the class?

I don’t know; grades haven’t come out yet. Probably a B or a C…or a D.

What about geology?

Well, I think the whole class did bad on that one so I think the curve should be pretty big.

And if they didn’t?

Idon’t know mom. Stop asking so many fucking questions!!

Excuse me.

Sorry mom, just stressed…from all the studying….I love you.

Kevin, we didn’t send you to LSU to slack off in school.

Mom, with all due respect, you never went to college, and dad wasn’t the best student either.


I said with all due respect!

Your fathers educational background is irrelevant. Besides, your sister graduated in 3 years.

…in communications.

Still, it was only 3 years.

Alright, I’ll do better next semester. I’m taking easier classes.

When do you plan on coming home.

I don’t know, I have work.

Alright well, I let you go. Love you

You too,