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Name: Ardith Feroglia

School: Western Washington University

Mascot: Vikings

Describe your ideal…

Pizza: Not thin crust, preferably a four-cheese pizza. If you really wanted to win me over though, get me an order of Pizza Pipeline’s garlic parmesan Tricky Stix!

Guy: He has to be into music, and if he plays music, he has to be good at it! I also like guys who at least care about the physical shape they’re in. I’m into guys that like to go out and do things, not sit around and watch TV all day. And I know it sounds cheesy, but my parents have to like him.

Describe your worst…

Date: Going to see a war movie and then hanging out with him and his lame, boring friends. What I’m saying here is, if I’m not laughing, I’m not having fun. Let’s go do something fun and random, like playing on playground toys in the middle of the night, or just driving around and making each other laugh. If you’re not funny and into being completely random, it’s not going to work.

Pizza: This is a hard question—I eat pretty much anything. I’m going to go with… dropped on the ground and covered with dirt.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? People would learn to respect each other’s differences and opinions all over the world. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes—didn’t they teach us that in second grade? Narrow-mindedness is never a good thing.

BBQ Sauce or Ketchup? Such a hard question. How about sweet chili sauce? That stuff is bomb.

Not an option!

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