TenQuickThings To Look For In 2010 in terms of Myspace by Robert" Call me in the morning , what the hell is that burning sensation , oh itsjust the GeorgeFormangrill down mypants atleast it's not herpes"Burford Jr

One : Myspace Will Be A Major in Collegewith final exams being based on The Three B's.Backgrounds , Blogs , and theuse of the word Bitch in it's plural form to end a sentence ( I. E.I Got New Pics Bitches)

Two: Myspace to some will be the "True Way" With some killing themselves when that girl in the true.com video ad was not really into them or to the mere fact the porn star they loved New Messages ! were always about Penis Pills and RingTonz.

Three: All Those Rumors of Tom Charging Moneywill be finally proven false. He was not charging money but our time of productivenessand our souls when it's revealed Tom is in fact the Devil.

Four: Andrew and Holly Caldwell will by law post yet another Myspace survey saying the same information on the other survey they posted seven minutes ago.

Five: Having gotten married and giving up his " He thinks He's so funny lifestyle" Mr. Bob or Robert Lee Burford Jr. gets married to his Lady Love Gianna Micheals In a Ceremony in whichMr. Bob is Asassinated due to thefact that he deleted his myspace but before doing so moved his friend down from number 4 to number 8on his top 24

Six:Tom finally gives a tour of his Myspace mansion which some describe as " A freakish is somewhat scary tour that can only immulate that of a badly tornCharlie and the Chocolate Factory Book. (paperback)

Seven: No one will talk anymore. If you have something to say,it must be in a blog of sorts and you can't laugh . It's a LOL LMAO ROTFLMAO affaironly.

Eight: Having loved and loston Myspace Samuel Burford ( Playboy Billionare seeing as he actually made the pill which makes youhave the bulge you so desire but not as gay as I typed it) willhavemarriedhis lostHawaiian love in a Ceremony whichsome say is the weirdyet sufficientanswer as to why the plane crashed onthe TV showLost( A show that led to multiple suicides due to it's musical and comedic episodes * seethe Gilligan SeeksKate episode for example) .

Nine:YouTube, Dating Site for cheaters I'm Takinand Myspace Combine Thus Being CalledMyLifeMyLifeWhatHappenedToMyLife before changing it to I'mTakinYourSpace.

Ten:Janel Hacker comes out of her room after Ten years of sleep due to the fact she suffers fromChronic Reading and the Aptly namedIneedusleredbullustosurvivis, realizes that she infact has gotten marriedhas three kids and is Living in Burback , California.Asking herhusband Mattas to whyhasn't he awoken her, he simply said"Didn't want to disturb her" . Through Osmosisshehas the IQ of one Albert Einstein.After however realizing it was all adream and her finals are tommorow in the year2010 seeing as hermajor will see her well in her 40s ( see going tobe ateafortwoatwoforteaateafortwoatwoforteaist or simplya botanist , goes to sleep thus not realizing she will be arrested for not checking nor updating her myspace page. Her only way out? Calling Andrew and Holly Caldwell and have them post a survey with information they already posted ten minutes ago.

This has been Robert Burford Jr( Deceased) reporting from the past aboutthe furture in the present

The Bowel Movement© 2007 Like anyone would Steal this.