I've been getting emails for the past few weeks that simply say "Jenny Craig, Bitch!" And it's all thanks to Amir's latest little prank on me. I knew I had to get him back big for that one so I cooked up an ambitious plan. Here it is…

I had Paul Scheer of MTV's Human Giant call Amir and say, "We have 2 parts open in an upcoming sketch and I thought you and Streeter might want them. The only thing is MTV won't pay for tickets to LA so you have to get your own." Of course, Amir bit and after a few fake MTV releases, a few fake scripts and a lot of bragging to co-workers, we were on our way to LA.

To make it even better, I asked the Human Giant guys to constantly insult Amir's acting while praising mine and eventually take him out of the fake sketch.

Update: People have been emailing me asking if Amir and I are speaking. We are. He was really angry after he found out this was a prank but he got over it and is, no doubt, planning his revenge.

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