Something about Entourage had been bothering me during this entire part 2 of season 3. I hadn’t been able to quite put my finger on what it was. The show just was still good, but it felt a little, I don’t know, disjointed. It had been a lot like watching a hot girl do gymnastics, you can’t turn away, but you know it’s not what god intended.
Watching this week, it hit me… they had screwed with the formula.This entire season was like new coke! Entourage was always supposed to be about 4 loyal friends making it in Hollywood their own way and their loveable bastard of an agent. But for this entire season, we hadn’t seen any of their friendship and with Ari running around on his own I felt like we were watching two completely different shows shoved together each week.

But after this little detour, last night’s show brought back everything we love about the show. (Well, minus some really hot girls.) So many things were set straight last night, where do I start? How about with Drama finally having a little success and good luck fall his way? Drama has always been the failure of their crew. Turtle has achieved less, but he’s Turtle and he ain’t trying.Drama has been trying to make it longer then any of them. I was afraid they were going to have his show flop and put him right back to square one, but having it be a hit is a much better way to take it. I am really curious to see Drama living it up with a little success. It promises to be funny, because if nothing else, where Vince buys nice cars and houses, Drama will buy horses and hand jobs. *note: The massage parlor hand job scene was hilarious, but that was one of the grossest sounds ever heard on television. I feel sorry for anyone with surround sound.

Next, let’s talk about Turtle. Turtle with a possible love interest?! That he didn’t pay for or coerce by inviting to one of Vince’s premieres?! I am shocked that they seem like they’re going to do it, but very happy for Turtle, because he’s underused and has never had any girl stick around after they’ve grabbed a bunch of Vince’s shit to sell of ebay. As he put it, “she’s me with tits,” Which means he isn’t counting his A cups as tits and that Turtle might finally have a girlfriend.

And last, but not least, we finally had the reunion we’ve been waiting for, Ari and Vince. How much more focused and on point does the show feel with them working together? You mean we don’t have to watch 2 fifteen minute scripts jammed together week after week? Here’s a novel idea… have the main characters work together so they can be in the same scenes! Damn! Write that shit down, it’s brilliant! Not to mention that E grows a set when he’s around Ari. He looked like a lost sad wet puppy around Amanda and now he’s back to telling Ari how it’s gonna be. And as far as Vince and E rolling the dice by buying and producing Medellin? Look, in real life, that would be an insanely stupid move. It would make a lot more sense to just get an iron clad contract to do both Medellin and Matterhorn, make 10 million bucks for both, not risk your life savings, and call it a day. But for the show… it’s a brilliant move. Look, at the end of the day, if we just had to watch Vince collect pay check after paycheck on different movies every season, the show would end up as entertaining as Golden Girl reruns with hot chicks and cool celebrity cameos.
But with Vince finally opening his mouth and explaining why he wants to do Medellin so badly (thank god they finally explained this) and taking an artistic stance on it, we are going to get to see Vince and E take on a whole new world in producing movies while risking it all to go big. Not only will it be really fun to watch, but it actually gives real stakes to what they’re doing. For once, failing won’t just mean that have to hold off on buying a private island, although something tells me that they’ll be just fine and we’re going to get to see what kind of parties you can throw when you really have money.

Some Random Thoughts…

- Why exactly did a bird fly through their window and die in their eggs?It did absolutely nothing for the show and has probably never happened in the history of the world.

- Can we get some Sloan please?

- Why exactly can they not eat breakfast without Drama?Have none of them ever made a bowl of cereal or toast?Do they know that there are places that will actually trade you food for money called restaurants?

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