GWHSTEA: Wait, Hold on. This is my favorite part.

You: Hold on?

GWHSTEA: Yeah, this part's so funny.

You: Let me just watch it, don't tell me something is going to be good, then ill be expecting it and —

GWHSTEA: Shhh. Shut up Shut up. Hold on, rewind, you're missing it.

You: It's a commercial.

GWHSTEA: I know, just… this parts so good. He's all like — "Hey how—

You: Stop, let me just watch.

GWHSTEA: Okay. OHHHH This part is so good. This is my favorite part.

You: You said that other part was your favorite.

GWHSTEA: Watch. It's so good.

You: I am watching. I never stopped watching. That's what we're doing. We're just watching.

(GWHSTEA tries to speak the next line, but he's wrong. He's not even close.)

You: Just be quiet, its almost over.

You're right.

(one minute of silence)

Let me just tell you one joke.

You: No.

GWHSTEA: Come on, let me just ruin the best joke for you.

You: I'd rather you just let me watch.

GWHSTEA: It's coming up.

(Guy mouths along with the joke but doesn't get it completely right.)

GWHSTEA: Wait, rewind. So funny.

You: Will you stop?

GWHSTEA: So good.

You: I get it. You've seen this episode before, just please.

GWHSTEA: OHHHH MAN! WAIT, no. This part is my favorite part. Watch this. Watch.