[picture:1698352|size=small]Seperation Saturday is over. Some teams (Auburn, USC, Michigan) rose up to the challenge, while others (LSU, Nebraska, Notre Dame) have an entire season of regret that awaits them.

We combined the scientific AP Poll ranking system with the humorous elements of a kid getting hit in the head with a soccer ball to bring you the CH Poll.

1. Ohio State(59) – After a cake walk against Texas, Ohio State proves its worth by beating Cincinnati.

2. Auburn(2) – At 3-0, Auburn is just 10 wins away from being screwed over by the BCS again.

3. USC(2) – Pete Carroll can put Air Bud at QB and still have him finish 2nd in Heisman voting.

4. West Virginia(2) – West Virginia received two first place votes from people who just "don't buy the USC, Auburn, and Ohio State hype"

5. Florida – Between Chris Leak and John David Booty, this might as well be a top 25 funny QB name contest.

6. Michigan – Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis said that Michigan "just came and whupped us pretty good." Then he ate an entire ham.

7. Texas – Longhorns ran all over Rice like a Japanese game show contestant.

8. Louisville – The good news is that the Cardinals beat Miami. The bad news is, that's not a big deal anymore.

9. Georgia – Georgia hasn't allowed a point in two weeks. So what, neither have I.

10. LSU – Although the score (3-7) indicates otherwise, LSU did not just play one quarter against Auburn and forfeit.

11. Virginia Tech – The fact that they only beat Duke 36-0 should actually lower their rankings.

12. Notre Dame – Upon completing the ham, Charlie Weiss lamented "[Michigan] deserves their just due."

13. Oregon – If Oregon can continue scoring at a rate of two touchdowns eveyr 72 seconds, look for them to destroy Arizona State 700 – 3

14. Iowa – Hawkeyes leading the way in "State Schools that start with the letter I" conference.

15. Tennessee – Volunteers may want to start Erik Ainge's uncle Danny at QB next game — at least his free throw percentage will be high.

16. TCUTCU is 3-0, and doesn't play another ranked team this year. They're a lock for the "Boise State Award for Overrated Excellence"

17. Oklahoma – The Sooners were close to beating Oregon this weekend but lacked the cool steel shoulder pad design to get the win.

18. Florida State – Florida State loses at home to Clemson and is still ranked higher than them.

19. Clemson – Tommy Bowden leads the Clemson Tigers over his dad's Florida State team. Unfortunately, he was then grounded and will not coach again this season, or until all his chores are done.

20. Arizona State – Tied with Boston College in AP Poll. Fortunately the tie breaker goes to the school with "Most hot chicks"

20. Boston College – (See Above)

22. California – Cal is now 2-0 when scoring exactly 42 points. Sounds easy enough, time to coast into the Rose Bowl!

23. Nebraska – Cornhuskers were confused after loss to USC. "I don't get it, we destroyed Nichols State!"

24. Penn State – Nittany Lions seemed to have discover a recipe for success — only play Div. 1-AA teams.

25. Boise State – Broncos not looking as good as they did in 2004-5. But the grass is all blue-er on the other side.