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Name: Krystle

Age: 20

Year: Freshman

School: Old Dominion University

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Major: Graphic Design

Favorite Drink: I'm definitely a huge fan of Jagerbombs and Mojitos

If I'm trying to get with you, what should I do? Be sweet, but keep your distance; I like a challenge.

What should I avoid doing? Smothering me with attention… you should ignore my calls/IMs every once in a while, but then return them later.

Do you have a boyfriend? Nope!

What are you wearing right now? A one-strap black and white Electric shirt with a black lace-on-white shirt under it, jeans with holes in the knees, and black flops

What's you favorite song of all time?
Ohhh I love them all! From Autumn to Ashes- "Short Stories with Tragic Endings" and Keith Urban- "Once in a Lifetime" are two that never get old, though.

What's your most embarrassing college moment? When I was at a field party for Oktoberfest at Longwood, I was "popping a squat" by a fence since I refuse to use a PortaPotty, and my boyfriend at the time was standing in front of me so that no one could see (and by the way, I also have a "shy bladder," so I made him sing while I went so he couldn't hear me). All of a sudden, he was like, "Krystle, pull up your pants! NOW! Dudes are looking at you!" so my drunk ass pulled up my pants, forgetting that I was supposed to stop peeing, and I basically peed my pants. On top of that, we were out in the middle of a field in Farmville, a good twenty mins from civilization, and no one was in any condition to drive, so I had to wear my pee-pants the rest of the day!

What kind of pancakes are your favorite? I don't really like breakfast food, but if I had to eat pancakes, I would eat the Funny Face pancake from the kid's menu at iHop.

I like waffles.

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