Penultimate Episode!

There is nothing I love saying more than the word penultimate though all it really means is second to last. If you told your friends you came in penultimate in the office 5K fun run, they would be super impressed, but you were just really one place away from DFL.

So much awesome stuff happened in this episode that I am having a hard time balancing my laptop on my Heroes-induced erection. This show has never been one to hesitate about killing people, but last night was end of The Departed types of killing.

Bennet killing Eric Roberts was almost too great for me. Just seeing a guy who has no powers except that he must protect his daughter is pretty fracking sweet. He goes right up to him no hesitation and gives him a double tap in the side of his skull. I thought we were going to have a Mexican standoff right then and there (instead it happened 30 seconds later with Mohinder). Bennet just stepped up and did what had to be done.

Speaking of doing what had to be done D.L. taking out Linderman. Watching Linderman’s eyes fill with blood was pretty sweet. Seeing that gaping hole in his head as he landed, then just sitting there hoping that he doesn’t heal. Rooting against him not so much because he is a bad guy, but mostly because it would be lame if he healed himself and came back.

Then Ted being killed by Sylar we all knew was inevitability. I for some strange reason started to really like Ted, he cared so much about his mistakes, so much to the point that while he was on his death bed, he was more concerned with the radioactivity leaking out of his body, or whatever he said he was leaking…. How embarrassing?

Ok now for some quick hits that I would like to get out there

-So the shape shifter chick is really a fat ugly chick. That is why she is being so nice to Micah!
-What did that computer do to Micah? There was that weird moment, my guess cyber-molestation.
-Will Bennet kill Molly? I say no because she is somebody’s daughter too.
-Does Nathan’s kids have any special powers? Or is it a recessive gene and both your parents would have to have powers?

-My favorite moment is the hint that next season might take place in the past and be all the older heroes fighting alongside one another. Cannot wait for the (just plain) ultimate episode next week.

No Haitian this week…Finally…I remember everything; yeah I’d love one of these brownies. What is in them? Oh crap…