People are always saying "war is not the answer." Which sounds smart and makes a great bumper sticker, but doesn't that statement really depend on what the question is? Say for instance the question is "what's it called when 2 countries fight each other with armies?" then the answer actually is war. Or what about if someone asks "what was World War 2?" Or "What is the dumbest casino game?" Again, war really is the best answer for those 2 quality questions as well. So now I know you are sitting there thinking that obviously war is always the answer. But unfortunately it is not that simple. You see there are many times that war is not even close to the answer. With real life questions like "What do you want for lunch?" "Can I borrow your homework?" or "Do you think Mariah Carey is a robot?" There are many times when people will look at you like a complete and total retard if you just shout out war as your answer to their question. So what percentage of the time is war a legitimate answer? Well if you are a democrat, then it is he correct answer .003% of the time. If you are a republican, then it is the correct answer 6% of the time. And if you are a terrorist, then you can really answer any question with it, but you may want to call it Gihad or your friends will shoot you. I hope this helps in answering all of the war and non-war related questions in your life.