Last month I posted a Frat Chat "Overheard" where I asked you the viewer to submit things you've overheard people saying that were particularly brotastic. I got a lot of responses and thought I'd share the top 4. Remember, one of these if fake, can you guess which?

A: Hey, Dude! Tell 'em about that new beer you invented.
B: Oh, ya it's called Bang. It's beer mixed with Tang.
- Wichita State University –

"So for my resume I was like, dude, think about it, how much time did I spend in the weight room? Remember how much time we were there? It was like 40 hours a f*ckin' week! It was like a full time job."
- Iowa State University –

Brother 1: Dude, did you ever call that Michelle chick?
Brother 2: Once.
Brother 1. Did you f*ck her?
Brother 2: Twice.
- University of Pennsylvania –

There was so much poon at the grad party this weekend with everyone graduating. That alumni dude's girlfriend was blazin' too. Prolly could've tapped it if I wanted, but he was a brother.
- Worcester State –

"You remember Ashley, right? Yeah, the one who wouldn't let me f*ck. Well last night I f*cked her roommate. I mean, I know Ashley is hotter, way hotter, but you gotta stick your dick in somethin'."
- Louisiana State University –

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