We've all seen them: at parties, at the bar that we didn't know was for lesbians, and just walking along the street during the middle of the day. Girls making out is a wonderous occurrence that takes places across our great nation's college campuses every day. Naturally, we take pictures.There are good pictures and bad,and both are awesome. However, comparing the two is like comparing the holocaust to having sex with your favorite celebrity. Therefore, to improve the pictures of this awesomeness, I have set forth these ten, easy to follow guidelines:

1. Dedication. It's great when you barely touch tongues, but let us know you reallymean it. Close your eyes and open your mouth!

2. Don't let your cigarette be seen. I know everyone everywhere smokes, but it is only a distraction.

3.Show us your faces!

4. Grope. Reach across, grab something warm, soft and round!

5. Show some skin. Take off your clothes ladies!

6. Don't be fat.

7. Add as many girls as possible. The more the merrier, right? Right.

8. Don't let your stupid friends ruin this one. They can make stupid faces in your other pictures. A "that guy" is just a distraction.

9. Put your other hand to good use! Caress her face, grab her ass, be creative!

10. TAke off the Aviators! Aviator sunglasses went out with Tom Cruise and the song "Danger Zone."

Using this ten point scale, go out and kiss each other! Strive for the perfect GMO picture and submit it toCollege Humor! Good luck!