Not doing much better
In case you hadn't heard already, a guy in China underwent Skin around the tip "a little fleshier" than he liked.
  • The 2006 model fraught with problems.
  • He and new penis just didn't "click."
  • Always felt like a fag when he masturbated.
  • Wouldn't fit in the hole at the truckstop anymore.
  • Could only hold 2000 songs.
  • Decided to try to work things out with his ex-penis.
  • Details were misrepresented in original eBay listing.
  • New penis was tearing up all the furniture.
  • Old balls weren't compatible with new penis.
  • Wife's libido suffered due to a condition known as I'm-riding-a-dead-guy's-dick syndrome.
  • Heard the penis came from a Tibetan, refused to have anything to do with it.
  • Missed doing the old "Guess what sexual organ is in my pants…None!" trick.