Enjoying the new and improved CollegeHumor.com website? Well it only gets better! In addition to all of the cool new features, here are some of the exciting things you'll start seeing at CH.com over the next few weeks:

More Videos: We'll have a brand new section of even crazier videos! They'll be devoted to hilarious things like the new Taco Bell Crunch Wrap, Pulse from Dimension Films, and the new Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme. They're so cool, you'll want to send them to all your friends! Which will automatically happen when you visit the website. (A small subscription charge may apply.)

CollegeHumor HookUps: Meet some hot young singles in an environment similar to the popular MySpace. It's just like MySpace! It actually is MySpace, but our custom interface has more ads. ($9.95/mo)

Jokes and Jokes: A new section of hilarious bits from the top young comedians of today. Be sure to check out Andrew "Dice" Clay's gut-busting selection of fairy tale rhymes that are not at all like the traditional ones you have likely heard. Plus: Howie "Full Head of Hair" Mandel! (A moderate subscription charge may apply.)

Oh No They Didn't!™: The cool new CH.com daily feature that's totally extreme! Features grainy videos of third-world prisoners being lined up against a mottled gray wall and shot. And it's set to the music of Yellowcard and Angels and Airwaves! Really quite extreme. Looks like that one hurt, bro! (A surcharge which can only be described as prohibitive may apply.)

Surveys: Sweet interactive questionnaires make for hours of form-filling-out radness! Tell us all about your name, mailing address and household income adjusted for regional parity. More fun than an ollie. Best of all, this one is totally free. (First month only.)

CollegeHumor SuperRaw: You just send us your wallet in the mail and then nothing happens. (You pay shipping.)

So as you can see, this website is only going to get awesomer. And we'll continue to give you all the most hilarious and unpredictable pictures out there, just like always. But remember, all alcohol appearing in submitted pictures now has to be cool, refreshing Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers, another one of our new sponsors. Ahh, the island citrus flavor of Tropical Mango, and the light splash of Classic Original – now that's cool. Tell all your friends that and adjust your buying patterns accordingly.

Thanks for visiting. Oh, and one more thing: we're definitely doing away with all those booby pictures. I think we can all agree – those girls really need to put their shirts back on.